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Think about the destination, we already know the way

Good service is not a question, but an answer.

Vnitrostátní a mezinárodní autodoprava Plzeň

Focus on your business and leave your logistical challenges to us.

At Nosek Group, we are attentive listeners – we understand different requirements and how to meet your needs. Our services range from short domestic journeys to express deliveries. Our goals are direct routes, quick decisions, on-time deliveries and most importantly, satisfied customers who trust us.


Carefully selected partner companies that guarantee high quality standards at all levels.


Practical logistic consultancy.


Many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry.


Value-added services

Přepravní společnost Plzeň

About the Nosek Group

Since its establishment in 2016, Nosek Group s.r.o. has been working closely with proven carriers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We require our carriers to provide regular tracking data for the vehicle during haulage and we insist on maximum reliability, just as we do when transportation is by our own vehicles.

We also strive for loyal, long-term and sustainable connections with new partners, as they offer many advantages for both parties and a high level of planning security.

Expresní přeprava Plzeň

The figures speak for themselves


Monthly volume of transportations

20 thousand tonnes

The total weight of transported goods in tonnes


The number of vehicles dispatched


The number of customers


Delivery within 24 hours throughout the EU

Express trips

We will process your request for a quotation within 60 minutes

We will offer possible options

24/7 monitoring

Delivery within 24 hours throughout the EU

Every today’s delivery reflects the best possible for us – and tomorrow is a new day.

• Cost efficiency

• Express haulage of urgent goods

• On-line shipping inquiries

• Value-added services

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