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Solutions for specialised tasks

Our partner networks of freight carriers play a central role in our success. They help us strengthen our expertise in transportation and logistics. By making use of our industry know-how and synergy we can meet a wide range of requirements even better – faster, more efficiently and more flexibly.

Logistické služby autodoprava Plzeň

Organising transport logistics

Do you want to fully focus on your production? Great, we will organise all your transport logistics in the meantime. Nosek Group combines tailor-made logistic services and value-added services for you with the advantages of a medium-sized company and flexibility for the customer. Throughout Europe.

The quality of a service provider is based on the motivation and enthusiasm of each individual employee. Our fleet and our suppliers contribute daily to meeting your expectations and optimising your processes. At Nosek Group, we will find the solution for your logistic needs together.

Autodoprava skříňovou dodávkou

Providing freight transportation

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